Android RecyclerView Example

Android RecyclerView example using view hodelr in adapter

(For using multiple layout in RecyclerView check this tutorial )

Add ‘‘ in Gradle dependencies and sync it

my app/build.gradle file






Recycler View row

Out Put



If you want to add data to RecyclerView  add data into the Array List (eg:- usersList.add(new UserModel(“new name”, “345”)); and you can call the adapter function notifyItemInserted() or notifyDatasetChanged().

While editing edit the value in array list and call notifyItemChanged(position), while deleting delete the position from array list and call notifyItemRemoved(position)


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  1. Hey… Thanks for your post.
    it helped me alot.. i got stuck till 2 days and not get any way of getting value from recyclerview to edittext. but by using your method i solved my problem.
    Thanks alot.

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