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Node js export and import

In the first part I am explaining how to do export and import using js.

here is my sample module ‘myutile.js

we can import all from the above module


And also we can import only the specific function/data . for example I need to import only the myMethod2() and myData from the module



Using Typescript

sample module ‘myutile.js’

Importing all


Importing all


Importing required




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node js write large data to excel

In this sample I am using a node module called ‘ ExcelJS‘. This will stream the data to the file instead of big data in memory (if we are keeping large amount of data in memory, we may get JavaScript heap out of memory exception ) this will write to the file

Install the module using npm

then in the node application just import the module

we can use the same module in typescript also

refer : exceljs

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Codeigniter create custom config

Codeigniter create custom config

Create config file in ‘application\config’ folder, give any name (for example I have given ‘cust_settings.php’ [application\config\cust_settings.php] )

You can use ‘config->load()’ function to load the configuration and ‘$this->config->item()’ to retrieve the configuration values


For using this we can load multiple configuration files




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SQL getting items not in a list

SQL getting items not in a list

In the bellow example, getting list of person id not exist in the given list

For strings (varchars)


tested in PostgreSQL

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Enable session WordPress

Enable session WordPress

Add the following code in function.php to enable or start session in wordpress


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Create a basic java spring boot application

This is a basic example for beginners for creating a basic java spring boot application using ‘spring-boot-starter-parent’.

In this tutorial I am using Spring tool suite as my IDE.

Step I. Create a Maven project

I.1:  File->New -> Maven Project (You can do it by write clicking in the blank space of Package Explorer )

I.2: I have selected ‘create a simple project ( skip archetye selection)’ this allow me to kip the Archetype selection

I.3 : Setting group id and artifact id and other project related details

Done with the maven project creation, you can see the IDE automatically create the project folder structure like bellow .

You can see the project details in pom.xml file


Add the spring boot dependency

Update the project

write click on project folder->Maven->Update Project

After update we can see JRe updated to 1.8 and added Maven Dependencies


Now we can create our application entry point

Crate a class like bellow (sselect the tic ‘public static void main’ to auto generate the function)

Right click in Package Explorer -> New ->Class

Then add @SpringBootApplication annotation to the class and add, args); inside the main function

Now we can create our controller 

Right click in Package Explorer -> New ->Class


Add the following code in the file

You are done

Now we can run our application You can press the Green *Play button    Or  you can right click the project folder and select the Run As – >Java Application

Tadaaaaa! Our project is running

Now we can hit the url

We and run Spring boot application from command line also by using the command  mvn spring-boot:run




If you are getting the error “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ch/qos/logback/classic/turbo/TurboFilter ” please add the logback-classic dependency in pom file


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